Ronja Ida Weia —“In A Really High Building Time Goes Faster”

Ronja Ida Weia


Ronja Ida Weia

Ronja’s work is always about a different human perspective on daily matter. This involves time, systems, and nature. The images she creates look minimalistic, but consist of a complex concept. Additionally, the details, aesthetic, and craftmanship are an important factor in her process. This is depicted in all her illustrations, objects, and videos.

Ronja is able to translate abstract matter into something understandable. This is achieved by creating a surrealistic scene. Close to reality, but also not. That is exactly the environment that you need to tell an abstract story.

For her graduation project she chose to use scale models in combination with stop motion and 360° videos to help create that world. The viewers are challenged to reflect on what they see, no matter how simple it seems to be.