Ronja Ida Weia —“In A Really High Building Time Goes Faster”

The Making Of
              360 stop motion


The makeshift hall closet film studio

360° Stop motion

When I came up with the concept to make a 360° stop motion video I did not think much of it. I made a 360° a while back, as well as a stop motion. How hard could it be to combine these two? A few months later when the production started, I discovered that there is not really such a thing as 360° stop motion. Dragonframe, the stop motion software that I use, does not support any 360° cameras. 

After this discovery I did not know what to do for a minute. But I knew I had to make it work, however cumbersome the method would be. Then my research started and I ended up asking Job van Nuenen on his opinion. He had great ideas and in the end I had a perfectly working system. To “invent” methods like this is really what I am after.

Special thanks to Job van Nuenen