Ronja Ida Weia —“In A Really High Building Time Goes Faster”

In A Really High Building Time Goes Faster


Deep time is essentially just a geological time span. This means that it is a long period of time defined by (big) changes. Deep time often refers to periods of time that already have passed, while it could also be a period of time that is starting now and will end in the future. It is very hard to connect with a period of time that has passed long time ago. That is why the video “In A Really High Building Time Goes Faster” has timeless elements that we recognize from our own environment, but could also take place a hundred years from now.

When you speak of deep time you could use the terminology “taking a dive into the deep”.
You can imagine how deep time works. You can spend some time in that mindspace, but you always have to get back to the surface.
It is not something we are able to fully comprehend.

What would be a beter place to watch deep time happen than in an environment where time goes faster? That is why the video takes place on the top floor of a really high building.

Deep Time

In A Really High Building Time Goes Faster 

Nowadays, people grow up in a fast-paced world. Because of this it can feel like you are falling behind your whole life. This work can help put everything into perspective. The feeling of falling behind will make room for a feeling of ease.

The title “In A Very High Building Time Goes Faster” refers to the fact that time acts differently when you are far away from the surface of the Earth, meaning that our effort to keep track of time accurately is questioned.

Time will pass, for better or worse. So will deadlines and eventually your life too. That is what deep time is, a period of time that exceeds human life and their capacity to comprehend it.

In the video you see how someone’s workplace perishes with the flow of time and how life repeats itself.

Limited Edition 360 Package
         Take a dive into the deep


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Limited Edition 360° Package

I made the video accessible for everyone with an internet connection. On top of that, I wanted to offer the option to get this limited edition  360° package. It contains a pair of screenprinted 360° glasses and a handbound booklet about the project. This booklet contains a QR code that leads to the video as well. With the 360° glasses you can physically dive into the deep for a little bit, this will really add up to the experience. You also support the project by buying the package. 

Elisa showcasing the 360° experience


The Making Of
              360 stop motion


The makeshift hall closet film studio

360° Stop motion

When I came up with the concept to make a 360° stop motion video I did not think much of it. I made a 360° a while back, as well as a stop motion. How hard could it be to combine these two? A few months later when the production started, I discovered that there is not really such a thing as 360° stop motion. Dragonframe, the stop motion software that I use, does not support any 360° cameras. 

After this discovery I did not know what to do for a minute. But I knew I had to make it work, however cumbersome the method would be. Then my research started and I ended up asking Job van Nuenen on his opinion. He had great ideas and in the end I had a perfectly working system. To “invent” methods like this is really what I am after.

Special thanks to Job van Nuenen